Buying, Owning and Enjoying your WWII jeep

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This is THE book for the WWII jeep owner/enthusiast!


Do you have a WWII jeep?

Are you considering buying a WWII jeep?

Have you ever driven a WWII jeep?

This book has what you want to know, and what you need to know.  Written by Ren Bernier and based on his thirty years of experience with vintage jeeps, this book answers your questions about finding, evaluating, owning, driving and enjoying one of the most historically significant vehicles ever made.

    •What can I do with my WWII jeep?

    •How can I transport my jeep safely?

    •How much does a restored jeep cost?

    •How do I get into parades and car shows?

    •How should I store my jeep?

    •What is the truth about insuring my jeep?

    •What should I look for when buying a WWII jeep?

    •Is it better to buy a restored jeep or restore it myself?

    •What the heck is "N.O.S.",  a "combat wheel" or a "filterette"?

    •Much, much, more...

Ren Bernier is a WWII jeep restorer and hobbyist. He has been writing about vintage jeeps in magazines, newsletters and newspapers for over ten years.  His restored jeeps have been displayed at the national level and have placed first in MVPA judging in addition to being displayed and purchased by museums.  He drives his jeeps  through the woods and on city streets, in parades, in snow and in mud. Ren has real fun with the jeep hobby and you can, too!

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WWII JEEP GUIDEBOOK: Buying, Owning, and Enjoying Your WWII jeep
is 113 pages with over 100 photographs and illustrations, softbound 8.5" X 11" and sells for $24.95 plus postage.


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